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“Life Is Better Funny.”


Welcome to the tiniest most busiest animation studio on planet earth! We’re so excited that you stopped by. Seriously, you should see our pants right now.

(p.s. We legally need to disclose that we may or may not have hundreds of Unicorn Sweatshops around the world working to produce our content. We must also disclose that we may or may not be heavily involved with the Mexican Cartel and the Italian Mafia. Also, we have herpes.)

Ok, now that we got all the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, please continue…

Since day, we’ve had one goal in mind: to make you laugh. Your happee-ness has always been our number one mission.  But since comedy is completely subjective we’d like to leave you with one thing: whether you’re black, white, blue, unicorn, gay, straight, double gay, triple straight, X, Z, double Y or the number 3….remember that we have love for every human being on this planet and we don’t mean to intentionally offend you. 

Happee Unicorn Studios, launched on March 29th 2015, is a Los Angeles based animation studio that produces a variety of original shorts and web shows designed for entertaining grown-ups. (So please do not share with your children. You’ve been warned.)


Forever #1.